The BETA PUBLICA Association is a non-profit association for the development and promotion of choreographic creation and one of its objectives is to promote the creative force around contemporary dance by increasing the audience´s knowledge about the creative process through a continuous meeting in our social networks and on stage.

The BETA PUBLICA Association in collaborationwith the  37th Madrid en Danza Festival of the Community of Madrid announce the IX EDITION of the International Choreographic Showcase BETA PUBLICA that will take place on June 10th, 11th and 12th, 2022 at the Sala Negra of Teatros del Canal (C. de Cea Bermúdez, 1, 28003 Madrid) within the 37th Madrid en Danza Festival of the Community of Madrid, in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Open Call
    • The BETA PUBLICA Showcase is open to the participation of creators from any country in the world. The Organization will provide some financial assistance, for travel and accommodation, for creators non- resident in the Community of Madrid
    • The choreographies presented can be final or work in process, originals, or reviews of previous works. They must be of contemporary style adapted f a conventional stage space with multimedia resources.
    • The BETA PUBLICA Showcase is open to all variations of contemporary dance and performances, using as a foundation the contemporary dance language and merging other languages, dance styles, theater, video, circus, etc.
    • The works must be up to 15 minutes long and may be fragments of longer pieces. Pieces exceeding 15 minutes will not be accepted.
    • There are no limits in the number of dancers/performers.
    • Creators who wish to participate must register on the Association’s website, completing the form that has been enabled at betapublica.org
    • The registration opens on March 1st and ends April 1st, 2022, at 23:59 hours.
    • Those creators selected will receive the communication before April 25th, 2022, by WhatsApp/email, and will have to confirm their participation in 24 hours.
  2. Selection process
    • Among all the nominations registered, the Association will select a maximum of 8 pieces to be presented along the 3 days, Every piece will be performed twice in the 3 days.
    • Of those works:
      • One (1) is automatically selected by the online vote of the followers of BETA PUBLICA in the Association´s Instagram profile (https://www.instagram.com/betapublicapv/), provided the proposal meets the artistic criteria of the BETA PUBLICA Showcase.
      • The rest will be selected by the Artistic Team of the Association based on their creative strength, originality and maturity of the choreographic work.
  1. Benefits and stipends for the selected creators
    • BETA PÚBLICA is not a contest, but an integrated project to support the choreography creation. Therefore, there are not awards.
    • The selected creators will receive:
      • A collection of professional grade photos to be used in promotions.
      • A video, front view no effects, the creators can use to promote their piece.
      • A stipend of €250, before applicable taxes, for his/her involvement in the Choreographic Showcase. Every selected creator will  perform twice his or her piece.
    • The Organization will grant the following travel and accommodation aids, one per application/creator, for creators not resident in the Community of Madrid:
      • 150€, before applicable taxes, for Creators with residence in any Autonomous Community of Spain except Madrid.
      • 250€, before applicable taxes, for Creators with residence in any country of the world except Spain.
    • The selected creators should be able to invoice the final amount to the BETA PUBLICA Association.
    • Each of the selected creators will have 2 hours of in-stage rehearsal and technical try-outs, the days prior to the showcases. Creators from outside Madrid will have preference to use this time the day of the showcase.
    • The selected creators will have priority when the BETA PUBLICA Association determines the pieces that will participate, for two or more weeks of paid performances, in the next Edition of “Una Mañana en Danza” (https://www.betapublica.org/una-manana-en -dance/ ).
    • From the communication of the selected creators, they will be promoted in the website and social networks of the Association.
  2. Selected Creator´s obligations
    • Registering Creators confirm that they will be available on either of the three days, June 10th, 11th and 12th of the Showcase. The Organization reserves the right to program a selected piece on any two days.
    • The selected creators will give the Organization full image rights, both videography and photographic, of their performance and previous trials. BETA PUBLICA Association will only use these recordings for archiving and for the promotion of future editions.
    • The creators are committed to support, by all means available to them, the promotion of the Showcases: communicating them in their social networks, providing the Organization pictures, access to rehearsals, videos, etc. to share in BETA PUBLICA social networks as well as accept to conduct interviews (radio, tv, internet) as defined by the Organization.
    • Each day of the Showcase, there will be a mandatory General Dress-rehearsal where each creator will have time to make recordings, photographs etc.
    • Every Showcase day, at the end of the presentations there will be 20 minutes open Q&A, between the audience and the artists with a moderator. Attendance of the creators and performers to the Q&A is mandatory.
    • The selected artists should bear all fees and costs resulting from intellectual rights of music and other items they may use in their works as certified when confirming the registration. The Organization is not responsible for any of these concepts.
  3. Technical considerations.
    • Due to the characteristics of the shows is not possible to prepare complex lighting designs for any piece. The Organization will provide 2 lighting special effects per piece, and we will do our best to show the pieces as they were created.
    • Stage props will be translated, installed, and removed from the scene by members of the creator´s group and/or at their cost.
    • The Organization will not accept pieces using substances that can mess anyway the stage.
  4. Acceptance of the terms and conditions
    • The Association reserves the unilateral right to alter these Terms and Conditions without prior notice and if circumstances so require.
    • Participation in the IX EDITION of the International Choreographic Showcase BETA PUBLICA  implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.